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    Alex Ward.
    Physical Therapist

    Active Release TherapyExercise RehabVestibular Rehab
    Meet Alex, a dedicated resident physiotherapist with a dynamic journey that reflects a true passion for health and wellness. After graduating from Brock University with a degree in Kinesiology, Alex's diverse experiences began with assisting clients in post-heart surgery recovery and leading exercise classes for spinal cord injury patients. Further honing skills as a personal trainer for 1.5 years, Alex discovered a joy in one-on-one collaborations, pointing him toward physiotherapy as the ultimate career goal. This path led Alex to London, England, where he studied at Brunel University for two years, completing his Master of Science in Physiotherapy. During this time, Alex's commitment to excellence expanded as he worked with a professional rugby team, providing treatment and contributing to the concussion-spotting team on game days. Alex's dedication extended to organizing and facilitating exercise classes for stroke survivors, showcasing a holistic approach to rehabilitation. Notably, Alex was one of two students selected for a specialized clinical residency at one of London's largest hospitals. Here, he worked with patients recovering from traumatic injuries, balancing hands-on care on some days with participation in a large-scale research project on others. Alex's journey has been marked by diverse experiences and a commitment to personalized care, which has positioned him as a ready clinician at Kinetic Physiotherapy. Alex is committed to guiding you back to your optimal function & well-being and is excited to help you embark on your journey to recovery!