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Our Vision at Wellness Embodied is to provide skilled, individualised and holistic Physiotherapy & Allied Health Services which are unique to Cairns. We are proud to be Cairns only accredited Complete Concussions clinic. Maigi Korbe and Clara Andrich are our vestibular/vertigo superstars- treating kids and adults who experience symptoms of vertigo, balance complaints and dizziness. Our vestibular physiotherapy service includes use of specialised equipment such as goggles, laser tracking and more, for accurate assessment and treatment of vertigo and balance complaints. Interestingly, research increasingly shows that vestibular issues are associated with developmental delay in kids, and may be a predictor of future development of neurocognitive conditions so the value of our vestibular assessments at Wellness Embodied can't be overestimated. Alyza Brown oversees most of our sporting population, and provides our Baseline testing service. Baseline pre season testing is important to guide athletes' recovery and return to play in the event of them sustaining a concussion, as well as provide areas for them to work on to optimise their health, fitness and function. Ultimately, this improves their game play, reduces hours off the field and prevents against secondary injuries. Alyza also has extensive training in strength and conditioning, musculoskeletal physiotherapy, and works with most of our athletic population within Cairns. Frank Tam is our 3rd currently certified Complete Concussions therapist and has completed extra training in treatment of the neck and shoulder, and also runs our Bone Health Exercise Group, so understands the importance of exercise and strengthening in rehabilitation of whiplash injuries. As a practice, our goal is to create a holistic, whole-person approach, that is individualised to each patient’s needs. We offer Occupational therapy, Exercise Physiology, Osteopathy and Naturopathy Services to complement our concussion treatment, which allows us to fulfill our vision, and provide a service that is able to be adapted to each patient based on their symptoms and needs. Besides Complete Concussion Management services, we also offer one on one and group physiotherapy for a range of clients in the Cairns region - including Workcover, NDIS, CTP, DVA, Medicare and Private clients with acute and complex issues. We run specialised Bone Health Exercise Groups for Osteoporosis and Osteopenia, GLA;d hip & knee arthritis classes and provide Remedial Massage and Equipment Sales to complement each person’s rehabilitation. Visit us at either of our 3 Cairns locations at 30 Scott Street, 53 Sheridan Street, or Shop 4, 6/8 George Cannon Drive, or our Cooktown Clinic at 32 Helen Street, Cooktown, to find out more about our services and the Wellness Embodied difference!
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  • Alyza Brown.
    Bachelor of Physiotherapy

    Active Release TherapyAcupuncture/DryneedlingExercise RehabNeck RehabVision Rehab
    I am a physiotherapist with over three years experience. In this time, I have developed skills in sporting and musculoskeletal injuries, with a particular focus on how to optimise return to play, prevent recurrence, and avoid surgical intervention. I have a special interest in injury prevention in particular, especially in relation to how strength and conditioning can assist every day athletes in avoiding the development of annoying overuse injuries. I have completed training in sports physiotherapy, strength and conditioning coaching, ACL non-operative management, and concussion Injury assessment and treatment. In the past 12 months I have developed relationships with local sporting clubs, and am excited to expand my career in this region of physiotherapy further. My career goals include becoming an accredited sports physiotherapist, and strength and conditioning coach, as well as becoming a clinical educator for all new physiotherapists coming up through university. I am especially passionate about improving awareness of concussion within the sporting setting, with particular focus on rugby union. My goal is to optimise concussion reporting within my local rugby club to ensure that athletes are protecting their long-term health after their sporting career is over.
  • Frank Tam photo
    Frank Tam.

    Exercise RehabNeck Rehab
    My name is Frank, I am a physiotherapist based in Cairns. I am originally from Hong Kong, and I was trained in the University of Newcastle, Australia. I very much enjoy treating different musculoskeletal injuries but I am particularly interested in seeing patients with concussion injury, whiplash injury, or any neck related injury/pain. I use a combination of hands on techniques and exercise therapy for my patients, because I believe that hands on physical assessments and techniques are very important to help improve pain and movement, but exercise is equally as important. And I also believe that it is important to not just assess and treat the injured site, but the whole person, and consider different aspects and contributing factors, psychological and social factors that might influence the injury and presentation. I can fluently speak English and Cantonese, and I am also proficient in Mandarin. I am happy to see patients with different stages of concussions, and any other musculoskeletal related injuries.
  • Maigi  Korbe photo
    Maigi Korbe.

    Exercise RehabNeck RehabVestibular Rehab
    I graduated from Tartu Health Care College in 2013. In 2015 I obtained a master’s degree at University of Tartu. I am passionate about helping people and enjoy working as a physiotherapist. I have a special interest in vestibular rehab and paediatrics. I have done further professional development in vestibular rehab and I enjoy keeping myself up to date with the latest research. Dizziness and balance issues are common after a concussion and I enjoy helping people to get back to their school/work and sport after they sustained a concussion. Also, as neck symptoms are common after a concussion, I have done further professional development such as an Australian Physiotherapy Association neck physiotherapy course and an extensive amount of in-house training regarding treating neck and whiplash symptoms such as headaches and neck pain. In my spare time, I love dancing, hiking and spending time with my friends.
  • Will Paatsch photo
    Will Paatsch.
    Osteopathic Practitioner

    Active Release TherapyExercise RehabNeck ManipulationNeck Rehab
    Will graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy) and Master of Health Science (Osteopathy) from Victoria University, Melbourne. He has a special interest in concussion management and sporting injuries. Will prides himself on working with people of all ages, to assist them in returning to the activities they enjoy pain free.